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GinD® Monorail

In some buildings where access to roof deck is not feasible or the building covers a huge surface (airports for instance), we can propose a monorail system as the most suitable solution.

A monorail system is made of:

1.- Aluminium/steel track. This track will follow façade profile on curves, corners and even high slopes if required.

2.- Motorized/manual Trolleys that run on the track.

3.- Self-Powered Platform (GinD® MRT): it is suspended from the trolleys through a connecting beam and at least 2 wire ropes. It can be designed for 1 or 2 operators.

The monorail system allows different building maintenance teams working on different areas providing a better cleaning performance. GinD® Monorail systems are designed and manufactured in a way that allows the GinD® MRT to be disconnected and parked in a non-visible area. Tracks can also be embedded on the building to reduce visual impact.

GinD® MRT self-powered platform can be configured based on project needs as follows:

1.- Different lengths and widths (fix configuration).

2.- Modular configuration.

3.- Telescopic modules in both sides (increasing width and length).