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Existing Equipment Renewal

Buildings are one of the key assets of companies and people around the world. As a consequence, keeping at least the value of them or even increasing it when renewing façade maintenance equipment is a requirement.

In some other cases, life of the BMU has ended due to wrong-headed design or manufacturing and it is no longer suitable for its original purpose.

In such cases following challenges must be solved:

  • Respect original conditions: maximum roof load, track configuration (lay-out, gauge, span, etc.).
  • Match same performance of previous maintenance systems or even improve it.
  • Comply with latest regulations and standards.
  • Define lifting strategy with existing lifts and cranes which may force to limit component dimensions and weights.

Due to the above mentioned conditions, complexity of renewal projects from a design and manufacturing point of view may become greater than new projects with high rise and complex façades. GinD® team has proved the ability to face this type of projects all around the world.