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GinD® DJ Model

The DJ type machine (double jib) is used in buildings where the outreach requirement is under 5-6 meters (from front rail track) and working heights up to 250 meters. Its main feature is that the machine has two jibs for cradle support.

The most common options offered are:

  • Turning platform
  • Different approach systems (pantograph, telescopic, stick) to access recess areas on façades.
  • Slewing body.
  • Special design of the body for narrow areas.
  • Folding jibs for parking.
  • Water tanks in the cradle.
  • Auxiliary winch system for façade heavy maintenance (glass replacement, lift heavy loads, etc.).
  • Phone for communication between machine and cradle.
  • Full control in cradle through cable inside suspension wire ropes.
  • ISA/Restraint System when requested.