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GinD® Davits

These systems were widely used around the world before the roof deck machines appeared as a solution for building maintenance in the market. It basically consists on:

1.- Base/pedestal: it is fixed to the building structure and acts as socket for the davit arm connection.

2.- Arm: portable aluminium structure with inverted “L” shape connected by its lower part to the base. It can be moved to different base locations in the building.

3.- Lifting tool: devise used to raise and connect the arm to the base.

4.- GinD® MRT: self-powered cradle suspended from the end of the davit arm.

Based on building façade configuration, terraces, etc., our team of engineers will define the quantity of davits, self- powered platforms to be used and type of rigged (roof or ground).

GinD MRT self-powered platform can be configured based on project needs as follows:

1.- Different lengths and widths (fix configuration).

2.- Modular configuration.

3.- Telescopic modules in both sides (increasing width and length).