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Company profile


Gondolas in Design (GinD®) is a worldwide leader on design and manufacturing of Building Maintenance Solutions. Headquarter and manufacturing facilities located in Spain provide the capacity of facing any challenging project around the world. We have delivered more than 1.000 different machines, from small self-powered cradles up to one of the longest single jib BMU (jib length more than 40 meters).

Our activity is driven by four key factors: quality, safety, design and innovation. Through the application of these principles, GinD® has become one of the worldwide leaders.


Proven design and manufacturing methods, use of recognized top suppliers, jointly with a high expertise team, allow us to provide top performing machines.


Health and safety of GinD and customers’ people is highly protected. We strictly comply with all international standards in regards to quality, health and safety.


Every single request is taken as a new challenge. Our team of expert engineers assesses and evaluates potential solutions based on customer demands. This has allowed us to participate in key development projects in recent years.


Our aim is to provide better, more reliable and cost efficient solutions, leading to innovation.

Finally, our wide network of partners located throughout the world (USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, etc.) allow us to provide solutions where requested. Moreover, we can also be extremely reactive if needed granting full services to our customer during machines entire life.